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Not like Others (Kise x Singlemother!Reader) (AU)
Not like Others (Kise Ryouta x Singlemother!Reader) (AU)

|3rd Person's POV|
(Name) always wondered why would people stare at her weirdly when she spoke of her family situation. Was it because they were jealous of her? It seemed natural - she was the boss of a well-known company after all, who wouldn't be jealous of her economic status? She was pretty as well. (H/l), (h/c) hair and stunning (e/c) eyes, pretty nose and well-sculptred lips. No, she wasn't ugly. So since she had all these things, everybody should be jealous of her. Then why was she looked down by those who once thought she was great? Why?
Was it because she was a single mother and wasn't married? Was it her fault that Christine's biological father - and ex-boyfriend of (Name)'s cheated on her? Didn't she have every right to dump him? And that's what she did. It was best for her and her little girl. Then why do people still judge her for the fact that she was the victim on her love relationsh
:iconanime-wolf35:Anime-Wolf35 37 8
Bodyguard!EnglandxRich!Reader Part 1
Bodyguard!EnglandxRich!Reader Part 1
You sat on the floor in your empty room silently saying goodbye to all the memories you have from here. Today you and your family was going to move in with a rich family that your family have had a feud with for generations. But your parents wanted to settle things down and make peace, so for that you were engaged with the other family's son Luc. You had only met him once, you could remember it as if it was yesterday...
Falshback, you're now 12 years old
You held your mother's hand while you waited for Luc and his mother. You didn't know why you had to meet this stranger. All your mother said that it was important.
"There they are" Your mother said happily and waved, you look up and see a woman with a boy, he was a little taller than you with brown hair and brown eyes.
"Margaret" Your mother said and she kissed both of her cheeks and Luc's mother did the same
"It's nice to meet you (mum's name), so you must be (Name)? Aren't you a sweetie" Luc's mum
:iconstoneunicorn1:Stoneunicorn1 146 20
Puff Pastry (England x Reader)
"Arthur. I can't live like this anymore!" You exclaimed, leaning against the counter in the kitchen of the home you shared with the Brit, hands running through your hair exasperatedly.
"(Y/n), please, don't do this-" The blond began to reply, pleading, but you glared back at him.
"No! This," You gestured around you. "Is so unhealthy! I'm sorry, you know I love you, it's just...we need to fix this."
"But why-" He tried again, but when you set your steady gaze onto his bright green eyes he closed his mouth again.
"Artie. You can't cook. I can't cook. We can't live off of takeout forever."
"...What are you suggesting?" He seemed to know what was coming, his pale lips turning down into a grimace.
"You know what I'm suggesting. Cooking lessons."
"Come on you big wimp, let's go." You pulled at the collar of your boyfriend's shirt, but he was reluctant to leave the house.
"I-I...(y/n), please, do I have to go?" Arthur looked at you, almost pouting.
You sighed,
:iconally1001:Ally1001 152 31
[Doodle Dump] Speed o' Sound Sonic feat. Genos by VIV-I [Doodle Dump] Speed o' Sound Sonic feat. Genos :iconviv-i:VIV-I 147 28 Pose study 47 by Kate-FoX Pose study 47 :iconkate-fox:Kate-FoX 2,915 21
Awkward...? [ Prize ]
[ Lavi Bookman x Reader ]
 壁ドン (kabedon, literally “wall thump”)
When a person slams their hand on the wall by another person to keep them caged there.
“Yo, Lavi!”
The red head barely had enough time to turn around when a certain (h/c) girl slammed her hand on the wall next to his head, effectively trapping him. She stared at him intensely, almost to the point of glaring. Her mouth was drawn into a thin line, a serious expression on her face; one that was only seen when she was studying.
Lavi started to get nervous from how quiet she was, wondering if he did anything wrong to anger the girl. His eyes darted to the side, to his two friends who weakly shrugged, as if they couldn’t help him anymore.
“Uh... _______?”
“You skipped class yesterday,” she spoke, voice monotone as her eyes narrowed, (e/c) orbs glaring at him.
“Well... Yeah, I took care of you yesterday
:iconsayuri-iera:sayuri-iera 27 2
Kwami circle by DancingInBlue Kwami circle :icondancinginblue:DancingInBlue 969 60 Ruler by wlop Ruler :iconwlop:wlop 11,600 286 Breathless Beginnings by Lethalityrush Breathless Beginnings :iconlethalityrush:Lethalityrush 1,077 116
Speaking Terms(Sakamoto X Mute! Reader)
This reader is gender neutral, using they/them pronouns and this story will be written in 3rd
As they are non - binary, you can interpret their gender as you like.
This reader is a second year, as I headcanon Sakamoto as preferring a more mature, elder significant other.
You gently played with the lapels of your uniform, running your finger tips under the collar.
Sakamoto stared, the glare of his glasses hiding his eyes.
You looked back up, making him almost jump.
He swallowed the lump in his throat.
You tilted your head questioningly but picked up your sketchbook and flipped to a clean
You wrote something across the page.
His shoulders tensed, he grew more nervous.
"Oh, hello, I've never seen you in art club before. Are you new?"
He nodded as he pushed up his glasses, "I'm Sakamoto."
You blinked but gave a silent chuckle, jotting down your response, "Not even a full name? How mysterious. I'm (Surname) (Name)."
He felt heat creep his neck but force
:icondarienoppal:DarienOppal 117 35
Happy New Years! by Evil-usagi Happy New Years! :iconevil-usagi:Evil-usagi 598 22 D.Gray-Man The 219th Night by darkn2ght D.Gray-Man The 219th Night :icondarkn2ght:darkn2ght 294 66 DGM_Poison by darkn2ght DGM_Poison :icondarkn2ght:darkn2ght 314 40 DGM - gold foil bookmark by Evil-usagi DGM - gold foil bookmark :iconevil-usagi:Evil-usagi 661 36 The 14th by Evil-usagi The 14th :iconevil-usagi:Evil-usagi 735 21 Class Change! by Lethalityrush Class Change! :iconlethalityrush:Lethalityrush 666 105




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